SLF Series

These process pumps can even be used for 90°C high-temperature chemicals and since they are made of PVDF, they are especially optimal for transporting liquid chemicals that require high purity.


0.4KW, 1450 RPM

SLF-75HC to 150H3C

0.75KW - 1.5KW, 2900 RPM

SLF-75C to 220HC

0.75KW - 2.2KW, 2900 RPM

SLF-T40 to T49

0.75KW - 5.5KW, 2900 RPM

1450 RPM also available

SLF-370C to 550C

3.7KW - 5.5KW, 2900 RPM

SLF-T80 to T89

3.7KW - 15KW, 2900 RPM


  • Corrosive liquid chemicals, acids, alkalines, photograph developers, photograph filters, bleaches, inks, alkaline batteries, storage batteries
  • Seawater, saltwater, pure water, soy sauce, vinegar, sauce fermentation, juices, plating solutions, surface treatments, filters
  • Medical equipment, scientific instruments, isothermal tanks, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, electronic component etching equipment, photographic plates, dyeing equipment, waste liquid treatment equipment, processes, hot water circulation intakes, freezers, water-cooled show cases, air conditioners, drink vending machines, ice machines, laboratories, test chambers, test plants