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SL-35 Series

SL-40/75 Series

SL 150/220 Series


Magnetic drive method using a permanent magnet completely eliminates leaks

The full lineup of 21 variations allows you to select a model that precisely meets your needs.

Made of highly corrosion resistant polypropylene (PP).


  • Corrosive liquid chemicals, acids, alkalines, photograph developers, photograph filters, bleaches, inks, alkaline batteries, storage batteries
  • Seawater, saltwater, pure water, soy sauce, vinegar, sauce fermentation, juices, plating solutions, surface treatments, filters
  • Medical equipment, scientific instruments, isothermal tanks, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, electronic component etching equipment, photographic plates, dyeing equipment, waste liquid treatment equipment, processes, hot water circulation intakes, freezers, water-cooled show cases, air conditioners, drink vending machines, ice machines, laboratories, test chambers, test plants
  • The material of the impeller that contacts the liquid must be selected to match the above applications. Please contact ELEPON when selecting a model.
  • For alkaline liquids at high temperature or that are subject to extreme changes in temperature (caustic soda, plating solution, etching solution, etc.)
  • Some models cannot be used depending on the chemical handled.
  • Please inform us of the name of the liquid you will be using.